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Answers to Some Common Questions

1. The whole Bible is the verbally-inspired word of God. No other conclusion is possible from I Corinthians 2:11-13 and II Peter 1:20-21.

2. I prefer to use the King James Version in teaching and preaching. In countries where translators are not familiar with the older grammar forms, I have used the New King James Version, and even in America I use it in newspaper articles likely to be read by some not familiar with those older forms. I will not use or recommend the use of NIV, RSV, or NASB as reliable translations of the word of God. God gave His word in print exactly as he wanted man to have it (I Cor. 2:13). These last-named so-called “versions” change too many words properly to be called “translations” of the word of God. I have taught in several churches a series of lessons, with visual aids, on “Principles of Bible Translation” and how to select a translation for personal study.

3. The kingdom and the church are one and the same entity (Matt. 16:18, 19). They always have been so in the mind of God (Eph. 1:4), so that the doctrine is false which says that the church was a stop-gap measure, and the doctrine is false which says that Christ will rule an earthly kingdom.

4. No person can become a Christian without becoming a member of the church of Christ. This is true because all those saved are put into the church by the Lord (Acts 2:47), and because the one baptism (Eph. 4:5) both saves a soul (I Peter 3:21) and puts him into the church (I Cor. 12:13; Eph. 1:22-23).

5. Mechanical accompaniment may in no wise be added to the singing of “psalms and hymns and spiritual songs” since, first, there is not a single word from God authorizing them, and, second, that which is to make the accompanying melody is specified by God as “the heart” (Eph. 5:19).

6. The Holy Spirit works today, both in an alien sinner and in a Christian, through the Bible alone. I have often illustrated this principle (based in John 16:13 and I Cor. 2:13) with the following: A young lady who receives a letter from her favorite young man, though he may be far away, can and will say that he lives in her heart every minute, and that thoughts of him motivate her attitudes and behavior. He is not physically in her presence, nor is he personally doing anything to or for her, yet his words, person and will are acting upon her all the time. So is the Holy Spirit for those who love God and know His word. No person living today has or can have any “gifts” of the Holy Spirit as the term is used in the Bible (Eph. 4:8, 11-13; I Cor. 12:8-10; 13:9-10).

7. The doctrine of evolution and its thinly-disguised twin, the doctrine of theistic evolution, are patently false as is clear from many statements of scripture and observations of true science. In brief, the description of “day”s in Genesis 1 clearly coincides with the definition of the Hebrew word to mean a literal 24-hour day as we commonly use the term, and the conclusive statement of Hebrews 11:3 leaves no room for transitions from one life form to another.

8. Consumption of beverage alcohol in any amount, and of tobacco products in any form, is a sin in part, at least, because these destroy the body and such destruction is sin (I Cor. 3:16-17; 6:9-10, 19-20).

9. Dancing and mixed swimming are sinful activities because they often are sources of illicit sexual arousal (Heb. 13:4), and are improper displays of the body (I Cor. 6:13b); and the same is true for the (especially female) athletic cheer-leader, who typically wears short skirts, engages in body gyrations for the purpose of arousing people to frenzy, and often displays undergarments in the process.

10. God does not permit women to lead prayer, teach spiritual matters, nor take any other leading role in the presence of men in the church (I Tim. 2:8-12), and therefore neither may we. This includes leading singing, serving the communion and making announcements, since the person doing these obviously has the leadership of the assembly during that time in which he is so serving. The scripture does not prohibit the woman from making “the good profession” (I Tim. 6:12; Acts 8:37) since, first, she is commanded so to do and, second, she is making such confession at the urging of a man (who is obviously the leader of the situation) standing near her.

11. There is only one cause for the willful ending of a marriage which leaves open the possibility of a subsequent marriage: fornication by the spouse thus “put away” (Matt. 19:9). Persons in an unauthorized (unscriptural) marriage must end that marriage in order to be saved (Eph. 5:28; Luke 13:3, 5).

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