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Books by A. L. Parr

"Lessons From the Church Manual." Outlines of basic gospel sermons for establishing and confirming churches. Organization, work and worship of the church, leadership training for elders, preachers, teachers and evangelizing Christians. Saddle-stitch binding, compact and light-weight for carrying to remote places. Bicycling preachers in India have found this book extremely helpful. (20 pages; $1.95).
"A Teacher's Commentary on The Epistle to the HEBREWS." Introduction to, and outline of, the epistle, and a verse-by-verse commentary written for the average Bible class teacher who may not have a formal Bible education, or a great deal of time to prepare for class. (54 pages; $2.95)
"Basic Facts About the Holy Spirit Compared with Common Modern Mis-conceptions (Second Edition)." Sources of False Teaching, Identity, work, baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit, plus various other questions about the Holy Spirit. (67 pages, some with full color charts and tables; $9.49)
"Introduction to Old Testament Books." The Content, Purpose and Importance of Each Book in the Old Testament, including over 60 pages of supplementary information beyond the analysis of each book. (334 pages; $14.95)
"Prayer as it Was Meant to Be": A study of Bible-recorded prayers and God's instructions for our prayer content, attitude and more (13 lessons in 26 pages; out of print, but you are welcome to print a copy of this file for your own use)
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