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How May We Serve You?

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The Work of the Preacher. Many churches have creeds, manuals and rule books that specify qualifications and work of various religious officers. God, who sent men to preach, included in his book three letters to preachers, which give His job description. (summary in 1 class or workshop in 5 classes over 5 days, consecutive or weekly)
The Personal Life of the Preacher. Inspired instructions and descriptions of the attitudes, habits and character that God desires in preachers. (summary in 1 class or workshop in 5 classes over 5 days, consecutive or weekly)
Singer and Song-Leader Training. A practical approach for music non-professionals. Learn pitch, tone and rhythm without a degree in music. Learn to direct the church, and to follow the song director in worship. (5 classes)
Studies on Prayer. From a study of all the prayers recorded in the Bible, and all the admonitions to pray, this series draws conclusions regarding content, spirit and form of prayers that God will hear and bless. (13 classes or 5 classes)
"The Holy Spirit." Biblical answers to questions most often asked about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. (7 classes)
Rightly Dividing the Scriptures. The epistle to the Hebrews is a 1-stop guide to understanding the relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Questions of priests, tithes, incense, and instrumental music, among others, are easy to answer with a knowledge of this epistle and its place in the Bible. (13 classes)
The Security & Hope of Believers: The Message of the Revelation. The Book of Revelation is most easily understood by finding and applying its internal definitions and explanations. This course identifies over two dozen inspired statements in the Revelation itself that shed light on the purpose of the book, and its application. (1 summary class, 5 classes or 13 classes)
Gospel Meeting of any length desired by the local church. Themes or specific topics may be requested.
VBS. We will bring the curriculum and provide promotion. Upon your request, and with enough advance notice, we will bring the teachers.
Tracts, Books, syndicated Newspaper Column with your local contact information
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