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Tracts by A. L. Parr

"Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit": What is this sin, and how can there be any sin that can't be forgiven? "Does Hand-clapping Worship God?": How the scriptures answer this growing practice
"10 Observations on the 'One Cup' Doctrine": Scripture and logical reasoning on the question of using only one container for the fruit of the vine "'Curse God and Die'?": applying a biblical principle to the practice of hand-clapping as worship
"Can a God of Love Be a God of Wrath?": Discussing the relationship between these two characteristics as attibuted to God "Why Doesn't This Church Use a Piano?": a biblical answer to a question often in the mind of visitors to the assemblies of the churches of Christ
"Introduction to the Study of the Bible": What the Bible is, and why non-Christians should study it "'Jesus Christ, and Him Crucified' (A Lesson from I Corinthians 2:1-16)": Why is the crucifixion of Jesus the appropriate theme for preaching?
"The Kingdom and the Church: Are They the Same?": How the Bible answers the question "Baptism & Salvation Mentioned Together: Which Comes First?": answering the controversy over the relationship between baptism and salvation
"Receiving Transfer Members": What the New Testament says about Christians moving from one church to another "'In Remembrance of Me'": The significant meaning of the Lord's supper
"Spoken in These Last Days": When are the "last days"? "The Way Back": God's plan for the restoration of a Christian who has sinned
"Why Should I Be Baptized?": logical answers with reasoned appeal for those who have studied the plan of salvation, but have not yet submitted to the Lord in baptism "What is the Church of Christ and How Does One Become a Member of It?": a biblical answer easy to understand and believe
"Is It True That 'Once You're Saved, You're Always Saved'?": Practically every page of the Bible answers in the negative. "The Bible Way": Why would God put in His Book, “hear Him” (Matthew 17:5), and “teach and exhort these things” (I Timothy 6:15), if He is content to let man devise his own doctrine and practice? Let every sincere seeker of Heaven speak where the Bible speaks, and remain silent where the Bible is silent.
"The Heavens Declare": Is there truly a God? What does nature teach us? "Keys to the Revelation of Jesus Christ": While the last book of the Bible is always more difficult to understand than many of the others, it does contain over 25 specific statements that help us to understand many of its images and facts.
"The Basis of Unity": Upon what terms may religious people be united?
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